Best street style piece that will be big this Winter 2019!

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April 4, 2018
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Sequin is identic with Glamour, High-confidence, party and sexy. Back in the day, in 80‘s disco era, when sparkles, bling bling was a huge thing, sequins were used only for occasional outfit. Nowadays, designers and brands have changed the mindset of it and turned sequins and sparkles into a daily wear. As we can see on the internet, fashion week and runaways, many fashion influencers and people are simply wearing sequin skirt or tops as their daily outfits.

There are some basic rules to wear sequins that everyone can try this winter 2019. Its not as complicated as we all thought. As a daily wear, tone down the power of sequins by combining it with something less intens such as a stylish comfortable tshirt. By adding your sequin skirt with a touch of casual piece, you look nothing but like a fashion pro. When you decided to wear sequins, either its a top or trousers or a jacket, you have to be ready to be a „Spotlight“ once you step out of the house. Thats how powerful sequins are.

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Be careful with colour combination with sequins. It can drive you to a complete messy look. Or worse, its ended up looking cheap. I found this silver sequin skirt from Zara two weeks ago, ofcourse it was on sale :p. The skirt is in perfect length. Not too short not too tight. Love the high open slit detail on the front and straight cutting hides weaknesses around my hips area. Apart from the cutting, the grey-silver ish colour is pretty easy to combine with other colour such as: beige, black, white, even cold tone like blue ish. I must say that i had a good time mix and match this sequin skirt with my other street style outfit and this look was created.

Sequin skirt Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams 2

If you notice on the picture below, I was wearing two diffrent kind of shoes. At the first photo below I was wearing high boots and the second option is ankle boots. This shows that this skirt can go along pretty easily with many style options and deserve to have a place as a must-have-item in your wadrobe.

Sequin skirt Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams 3
Sequin skirt Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams 4

Now lets talk about the outer. Its currently 3° in where i am right now. So i decided to wear basic offwhite faux fur coat. For some people, wearing faux fur coat seems abit extra. But again, you can mix and match depends on your own personal style. Something abit basic cut such as trench wooly coat could be an option for a classy elegant result. If you are living in tropical country, a T-shirt or vest top is perfect match to this sequin skirt. Even a basic black tanktop! Trust me, the way you wear basic tanktop wont ever be the same. Aiya, how about accessories? Is it necessary to add some accessories together with this sequin skirt? The answer is NO, its not necessary at all. As we all know that sequin has its own power to stand out alone. Its not wrong as well to add a statement accessories, as long as the colour matches to your sequin pieces.

Sequin skirt Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams 5

This time I chose black turban which I thought it fits to the whole look and most importantly it keeps my head warm from this weather.

I promise, I will create another mix and match outfit with sequin piece for you, my fashion army! Let us share to other readers on the comment bellow if you have diffrent idea or opinion about wearing sequins outfit.

I wish you all a wonderful day and sending you a big warm hug all the way from here! Until next blog…LOVE YOU LOADS!


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