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February 20, 2019
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Neon color trend

Do we actually need to invest neon color trend pieces? and how to break out your color comfort zone if you are a beginner? Believe me i was also in the exact situation as you before. In today article I will try as much as i could to answer these questions and guide you based on my personal experience.
Since the red line of today article will be all about neon color trend piece, so i could relate the answers from those questions above.

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Its a year of NEON COLOUR TREND PIECE! Brighten your day and be brave wearing neon color this season.

You probably realised that Neon color trend piece now is in everywhere fashion lable 2019 collections. When you go to zara for example, you will find neon orange and green on their front display. Neon color trend fashion havent been as big as they are right now since decades. There was a time back in mid of 80‘s neon colored clothes, its called fluorescent by that time, was phenomenal. But again, can anyone wear neon color? Will neon color looks good in our skin tone? The answer is…. Yes, yes and definitely YES! Anyone can wear this dangerous color and the good news is, neon color can go along with any skin tones as long as you know what you are doin. Ok, without me talking to too much (which i probably already did) let me guide you into this neon world.

1. How to choose neon color trend piece that suits best to your skin tone?

  • Lets start from a darker skin tone. Embrace your beautiful dark skin tone by adding fuchsia or neon blue as an accent will give a kick of freshness and modern vibe. If you think you are a beginner, start it from a small scale of neon piece. This could be a neon lipstick or a piece of clutch bag. We are talking about small quantity here.
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  • But if you are confidence enough to go out in those colors, wear non-printed neon piece. Try not to mix more than 1 neon color with another bold color in equal quantity.
neon color trend Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams Blue dress
  • For olive to medium skin tone, you are very lucky because this yellow skin undertone can go along pretty much with any neon color trend. My personal opinion, bright orange is very perfect to get their glowy fresh look. Take a look how Victoria beckham looking glamourous in a simple electric orange blouse. Her skin‘s embraced by this color.
neon color trend Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams Victoria Close up
  • Last but not least is Fair or pale skin tone. Go to darker neon colour trend shade such as hot pink or dark neon purple will be your new best friend, especially if you have pale pink undertone, blond hair and light eyes color.
neon color trend Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams pink dress

2. What suits best to combine with neon color trend item?

Lets apply this rule „less is more“. Decide first which part of outfit you want to make it as a spotlight? Just pick one and leave the rest to neutral color shade. Last sunday, was a beautiful sunny afternoon and i decided to wear my electric orange sweater. Because i thought, why not? it could brighten my day ;p. So, instead of pairing my pop orange sweater from (i forgot the brand) with black, i went for light neutral grey instead. I found also matching lipstick colour from Nyx just to give a little balance.

neon color trend Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams Sitting
neon color trend Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams walking orange

In fact, i was pretty happy how this orange stands out around light grey. Wanna be safe? Black color will never let you down. Another alternative, you can combine it with shade of whites. I swear that will turn out elegantly and super chic.

neon color trend Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams hoody walking

We shouldnt be limited only in one kind of style, while there are so many fashion style choices out there. This is a chance to break out of your fashion comfort zone, all we need is just a little bit of braveness. Make some research from internet, collect a few styles you found from pinterest or instagram you might want to try and implement them to your own personal touch. Never stop experimenting with pieces you have in your wardrobe. will help you building confidence too. You can even ask me privately on instagram direct message or email, whenever you need a style guide.

3. When and where to wear neon colour trend outfit piece?

If we take a look at the runaway 2019, Jeremy Scott and Off-White suprise us with their Spring Summer Neon collection this year. I wish i was brave enough to wear neon from head to toe :p. I would definitely go full force in some fashion events, but probably not as a daily wear. For my everyday ootd, neon is like chilli sauce sprinkled on top of my fries. A kick taste in your average dish.

neon color trend Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams Compare

I know.. i know this is very tricky! Some of you might think that neon colour is too extra. For you who wants to give a bit of a fresh splash of neon but doesnt want to be too crazy and obvious (impossible not to look obvious :P), wear it as an accessory or small amount could be another alternative. Start by wearing a small item in neon color till you get used to it. Add bit by a bit the scale, so you wont get „Lost“.

And how this girl (picture bellow) mix and match neon color trend piece. Nothing is too bright for this pretty colour combo!

neon color trend Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams Neon bag

As a daily basis, i would suggest neon colour worn as an accent. The scale of neon gets bigger when the type occasion you attend gets more formal. For example, if you hangout with your friends at the coffee shop, instead of wearing full outfit/dress in hot pink or orange, go for a neon scarf or a pair of neon shoes instead. But again, what you wear should represents who you are. The most importantly, you have to be confident in whatever you are wearing.

Please let me know when you upload a new post on instagram or even just taking a selfie with „NEON“, would love so much to compliment your braveness!

Till next blog post, Fashion Army!


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