So sexy this new Faux Leather Set Dress

Bandage Set Aiya Adams Model fashion photography title
The perfect Bandage Set for curvy women
March 24, 2017
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May 23, 2017
Faux Leather Set Dress Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams title
Faux Leather Set Dress Focus
Faux Leather Set Dress Walking Bag
Faux Leather Set Dress Detail
Faux Leather Set Dress Walking

SEXY BLACK FAUX LEATHER, everyone? Flaunt your attitude with Faux LEATHER set dress. Not a coat not a jacket either, but a set top and bottom. This Sexy Black Faux Leather set dress can be tricky to wear. But with a right match combination, it will transform you to an Elegant, Classic, Chic bad ass🔪. Im so excited to share some tips “How to achieve best SEXY BLACK FAUX LEATHER look”

I hope you guys like the video. Please feel free to write a comment bellow for some ideas or suggestion so i can keep on providing you all a better and better content. Love you so much.

Fashion tips of the day:

  • First of all is picking a RIGHT DESIGN of your faux leather set dress that match best to your figure. Pick Clean-cut leather suit to create an elegant result.
  • AVOID Satin-plasticky-shiny materials❗DOVE (matte) or Medium shine will make your faux leather set dress look expensive and more luxurious. **fashion hack**.
  • COLOUR. When you’ve decided to go leather head-to-toe, go for FULL BLACK. It works everytime. Remember how Lucy Liu nailed that leather suit in a classroom on one of Charlie’s Angles movie scene? Badass🔪!!
  • Straight, wavy or curly hair will go along with this style, as far as you keep it well-maintained and not a messy one. Clean sleek ponytail is simply elegant yet super easy for a lazy one like me😜

Formal, Cocktail Party, Business etc.

Camera settings:

Canon 85mm, ISO100, f/1.8, 1/640sec


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