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Behind the intimidating neon color trend

Do we actually need to invest neon color trend pieces? and how to break out your color comfort zone if you are a beginner? Believe me i was also in the exact situation as you before. In today article I will try as much as i could to answer these questions and guide you based on my personal experience.Since the red line of today article will be all about neon color trend piece, so i could relate the answers from those questions above.

Best way to wear animal prints in any occasion!

Animal prints are back again! Apparently its getting bigger and more options this year. I never seen any piece of trend as huge as animal prints. Literally almost 90% of fashion enthusiast has atleast a piece of animal print in their wardrobe. From clothes to accessories or even as furnitures. Wearing animal prints can be dangerous and tricky depending on which direction are you going. All you need to do is to understand how to combine them with…

Best street style piece that will be big this Winter 2019!

Sequin is identic with Glamour, High-confidence, party and sexy. Back in the day, in 80‘s disco era, when sparkles, bling bling was a huge thing, sequins were used only for occasional outfit. Nowadays, designers and brands have changed the mindset of it and turned sequins and sparkles into a daily wear. As we can see on the internet, fashion week and runaways, many fashion influencers and people are simply wearing sequin skirt or tops as their daily outfits.

Request your own “OOTD” that you are willing to see on my Instagram post! #aiyaootdchallenge

By the way, I have received many questions on Instagram about fashion. From tips & tricks about fashion, how to steal a celebrity style until colour combination. So, I created a game called “Aiya OOTD Challenge #AiyaOOTDchallenge”.

Casual Street Style For Spring 2018

Keen to wear something loose but still flatter your entire look without looking that bulky. This is the right page for you! cause im going to give you some TIPS and style HACKS how to rock ur Casual Street Style For Spring 2018

Culotte pants for winter, get some Ladies!

In fashion industry, Culotte pants first introduced in the early 1900s and become more and more trend since then. Back in a day, many people tried to…

Summer Ruffle Skirt Idea For Winter, Ladies!

Do not let cold weather stops you from wearing your cute summer collection. Such as those Summer Ruffle Skirt that were out in full force every fashion week runaway for spring summer 2018. You are a lucky one!

Scary Halloween Clown Makeup But Still Looking Awesome

”IT” is back!! Oh my goodness, so many Halloween clown makeup tutorial i found on youtube. This seems all time halloween Makeup trend. Hell yeah, They are amazingly creative and good. Im so confused deciding which one should i try on. But then…

Want to copy the Chiara Ferragni Style?

How familiar are you with Chiara Ferragni style? Yes, that Chiara. A cute Italian #1 on Forbe’s Top Fashion influencer. Chiara Ferragni style inspires me to create this look in Budget clothes. Chiara Ferragni is well known with her Grunge preppy yet chic and sexy look.

Try the awsome Leather Laptop bag from Margelisch

Frankly speaking, i was amazed at the first place when i unpacked the Leather Laptop bag. What is it…Can i say it was a “Love at the first sight”? Beyond my expectation, this is definitely not an average leather laptop bag!

So sexy this new Faux Leather Set Dress

SEXY BLACK FAUX LEATHER, everyone? Flaunt your attitude with Faux LEATHER set dress. Not a coat not a jacket either, but a set top and bottom. This Sexy Black Faux Leather set dress can be tricky to wear. But with a right match combination, it will transform you to an Elegant, Classic, Chic bad ass.

The perfect Bandage Set for curvy women

Some people say “Of course you can wear this Bandage Set because you’re SKINY!“ I was like wait a second. What are you talking about? Fist of all, bandage set dress is actually a PERFECT dress for curvy body shape size 8 above. I had to wear my push up bra and do 50 squats before i could CONFIDENTLY wear it.

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