Culotte pants for winter, get some Ladies!

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Culotte pants, what is it? Are they shorts, pants or what?

Lets step back in time of it’s history. By the late 1700’s the French Revolution, culotte pants , which were frequently worn by the wealthy, became a symbol of the upper class and oppression. revolutionaries were referred to as “sans culottes” or “without culottes,” referring to their station and opposition to aristocratic ideas. These sans culottes wore trousers instead, creating a stark visual divide between classes and values. But the French Revolution certainly wasn’t the end of it. The drama surrounding culottes only intensified as they made the transition from a symbol of male wealth into a freeing, feminist garment for women. This version, a skirt split into pants, is much more in line with what we know culottes today.

In fashion industry, Culotte first introduced in the early 1900s and become more and more trend since then. Back in a day, many people tried to avoid wearing culotte pants cause they think culotte pants are only flattering on ladies who are tall and have long legs. But nowadays, we see girls in any kind of body type could manage to look great in those with the right styling and some fashion trick.

Lets take these summer Culotte pants to the next level by wearing them for winter, shall we?

  • Choose the right shoes is one of the most important thing. Ankle boots or high-boots are the best match to rock your culotte pants in cold weather. To cover half of Your legs. Take a look how Victoria beckham looks super chick in her culotte pants for winter. Keep your sneakers and flats for July!
  • Go basic. Black, white, brown, navy blue or grey culotte pants are the best for this winter.
  • Well fitted top. Combine your culotte pants with turtle neck or sweater. Don’t go too oversized or bulky sweater with Culotte if you don’t want to look like a potato sack.
  • Tucking in your top is the most flattering way to wear with this such trousers. This creates an hourglass shape illusion. SEXY and CHIC!
  • TGive a little shock on your basic culotte pants colour by wearing something POP. Could be your Jacket, trench coat or an Neon colour shawl.

Do you dare to wear Culotte pants for this winter?


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Canon 50mm, ISO100, f/1.8, 1/640sec

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