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Leather Laptop bag Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams title
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May 23, 2017
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Chiara Ferragni Style Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams title
Chiara ferragni Style Jump Front
Chiara ferragni Style Focus
Chiara ferragni Style Jump
Chiara ferragni Style Detail

Hallo lovely readers! Where did you guys go for the weekend yesterday? Have you prepared your Halloween decoration or costume already? Cause I’m still deciding what am i goin to be for Halloween 🤔. Maybe as a Pumpkin’s mama who got half eaten by bats kinda look or get inspired by Chiara Ferragni style with blood on my face? Or…i dont know..Have you got any idea? Please let me know on the comment box below.

By the way, i have something abit different from my other OOTD today. How familiar are you with Chiara Ferragni style? Yes, that Chiara. A cute Italian #1 on Forbe’s Top Fashion influencer. Chiara Ferragni style inspires me to create this look in Budget clothes. Chiara Ferragni is well known with her Grunge preppy yet chic and sexy look. Oversized jacket, mini skirt and boots seems like the key to achieve this look.

Mini skirt goddess in Chiara Ferragni style! But wich one looks the best on your body shape? Here’s some tips.:

  • Lets start from a cute yellow tiger 🐯 pullover. I found this 9.90€ at H&M kids section in the largest size they have. It supposed to be kids long sleeves but the they’re abit too short for adult. So, i always wear them rolled up. Ssshhhh…. no one notices.
  • PEAR SHAPES: Especially Dark A-line skirt is going to be the most flattering. Have a bit of tummy? Don’t you worry at all, High-waisted skirt with a simple flat front is a great way to hide and will smoothly camouflage your hips shape.
  • WIDE SHOULDERS SHAPES : If you have wide shoulders and hips down are smaller, a great way balance it out is to go for a mini skirt with some volume. Play around with ruffles and details, horizontal stripe pattern will help to add a little curve to your waist.
  • Are you PETITE type? How about combine your mini skirt with heels or pointy shoes to make the legs appear longer rather than flats.
  • Oversized jacket is a must-have-item. I found this Faux leather jacket by Julieparis online for 49€. Sometimes they have an interesting discount too 😜. This kind of jacket you’ll see often in Chiara Ferragni style
  • Last but not least is my favorite OOTD essential. Fun Accessories! As a result,  you are set to go with this fun, sexy and comfy look inspired by Chiara Ferragni style.

Street, Casual, Hangout, etc.


Canon EF 50mm, ISO100, f/1.8, 1/500sec

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