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April 24, 2017
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Form fitting dresses made their first appearance in 1986 in Designer Azzedine Alaila collection and a French Designer Hervé Léger reintroduced bandage dress to public in 90’s and early 2000s. Since then, bandage set dress became so famous around celebrity such as Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and many more as their favorite must-have-item clothes. Ok, even though im not a celebrity but  bandage set dress is in my must-have-item bucket list too with other 1.859 list. Haha

Its way more easier now adays to find a specific brand that focused on producing bandage dress compare to years before. They provide beautiful design and good quality in affordable price such as Fasheebo. I found this brand accidentally on instagram. Love their unique design and how flirty details they made in each dress. Why bandage set dress is so popular? What’s  the benefit of wearing bandage set dress? Ill tell you why…

More about Bandage Set Dress:

  • First of all the material. Because their Thickness and stretchy texture mix by Rayon, Nylon and Spandex, bandage set dress will suck any bumps or lumps and accentuate curves, giving you the perfect silhouette just like wearing a full body corset.
  • Second of all. It goes from office chic to cocktail ready with a simple change of shoes! How easy is that?! Bandage set dress made to embarse your curve and body shape. For you who has Pear or Hourglass body shape, go darker colour the better.

Some people say “Of course you can wear this because you’re SKINY!“ I was like…wait a second… What are you talking about? Fist of all, bandage set dress is actually a perfect like A PERFECT dress for curvy body shape size 8 above. I had to wear my push up bra and do 50 squats before i could CONFIDENTLY wear it. Yes, im that flat! So stop living in this mindset skinnier the better. Oh no no no. The most important rule to wearing anything is to be comfortable and happy in it.


Cocktail Party, Prom, etc.

Camera settings:

Canon 85mm, ISO100, f/1.8, 1/640sec


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  1. Admin says:

    Hi gorgeous,

    thank you for writing about Fasheebo. We really appreciate it :).

    Have a wonderful day,

    Lenka, Fasheebo

    • Lenka Roz says:

      Beautiful Lenka,

      You are most welcome and im happy to write about fasheebo cause they are really beautiful. And im happy to share to others about this pretty dress too. Keeping a good work and Best luck for your carrier 😘.
      Wish you an amazing weekend.



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