Best way to wear animal prints in any occasion!

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Animal prints

Animal prints are back again! Apparently its getting bigger and more options this year. I never seen any piece of trend as huge as animal prints. Literally almost 90% of fashion enthusiast has atleast a piece of animal print in their wardrobe. From clothes to accessories or even as furnitures. Wearing animal prints can be dangerous and tricky depending on which direction are you going. All you need to do is to understand how to combine them with. Lets focusing on the animal print patterns instead of actual furs. There are 3 biggest animal prints, leopard print, snake print and zebra print. Leopard print is the most popular among others. If you need some directions how to maximise animal prints, you might find a solution in this article.

1. Are you brave enough to wear animal prints „From Head-To-Toe“?

Animal prints Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams head to toe

To avoid a messy look try to wear them in similar pattern and colour. Either its your top or bottom part. Lighter material such as chiffon or silk can be great option to tone down the intensity of animal prints.

2. Formal look with a touch of animal prints!

Nothing’s wrong to add a little fun in your formal outfit. The key is to keep it balance. Only wear small amount of animal prints like a sheer chiffon blouse or accessory. I go for neutral colour as a basic. Imagine your main clothes is a piece of canvas. Before you start drawing, you gotta need to paint the basic with neutral colour. Then, you start to draw an object, could be a small object but this will be a focus point, in this case this object you draw, represent the animal print piece you put on.

I found this camel coat from Mango and combined it with a white basic shirt from Zara. They are match perfectly with this matching belt bag and ankle boots in leopard print.

Animal prints Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams formal look
Animal prints Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams formal look walking

3. Say no to boring Casual daily outfit!

Simply wear a piece of animal prints in your daily outfit makes it look more fashionable and modern. It could be a piece of straight cut midi skirt, cropped top or even a pair of flat shoes in animal prints.

Animal prints Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams casual outfit
Animal prints Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams casual

Or go a little crazy by wearing mix-textured and pattern like i did in this picture (bellow). I was experimenting twill blazer, a pair of jeans and a pair of leopard print ankle boots. What do you think? Would you rather go for a simply casual or experiment with mix-textured. Let me know in the comments bellow.

Animal prints Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams mixed textures

4. Chic in any ways!

One of animal prints character is „Volumizing“ so you dont want to add more volume into your entire look. Non-patterned is the best way to keep animal prints in elegance and balance scope. I would go for natural plain colour. Again, camel coat was my best choice to go alongside with my leopard print oversized shirt. For the bottom, this culottes trousers in olive green adds a bit of cold colour for this entire brown-red hue but still in a colour shade harmony.

Animal prints Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams chic
Animal prints Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams anyway

Why wearing body suit tight mini outfit if you can also create a „Sexy“ kinda look in more elegant way. Unbuttoned your oversized shirt to create low V neck. Just becareful with the wind :p

Animal prints Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams sexy

Last tip for today is…

5. Summer look in animal prints!

I know.. i know.. summer is coming really soon and we are all excited to get some tanned. As I am excited as you guys, this tips might helpful for you who wants to go on holiday in style or even just experimenting animal prints for your summer style.

Always go for light-weight fabrics instead of structured ones. Its gives you a summer-ish, effortless, windy kind of vibe.

Dont forget to add as well your favorite summer piece. A beach hat or a pair of sandals. I mean, just be well-prepared for a stylish holiday picture too right.

Those are some tips from me to you my fashion army!

Since we are talking about animal print, we can also relate this to animal-cruelty-free topic, cant we? lets talk about it in a quick moment. Some of you probably realised that more and more people paying closer attention for animals compares to, lets say 80‘s era. Thanks to the organisation, media and all the people who stand beside animal-rights that effect also fashion industry to go Real-Fur-Free. London Fashion Week has became the first global fashion week that ban animal fur. Back in the day in the 1980‘s fur was synonymous with luxury, representing a status symbol for many women. We are all now living in a new era that we need no more real-fur as a „Status symbol“ and what more importantly is that no animals deserve to suffer only to get their fur and dump the rest for a sake of single coat.

There is always be a pro-contra. Some people think that using real-fur is better for the enviroment instead of other material like syntetic base and the other way around. In fashion industry high brands such as Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Laurent and following brand like Gucci, Michael Kors and Armani declared that they go for Real-animal-fur-free and stand against cruelty killing animals for fur in their entire collection.

When we felt a bit happier of what we heard, in the other hand there are some lables even trick customers by selling real fur as „Fake fur“ (faux fur). How unresponsible!

For those whom consider to purchase faux fur (fake fur / syntetic fur), i have some tips for you that might help before purchasing your faux fur (fake fur / syntetic fur):

  • Separate the fur at the base. You will see in fake fur the fabric webbing. In real fur it will be attached to skin.
  • The second one might abit complicated but more accurate. Burn test. Pull out 2-3 strands, set light of the tip of the fibre, if they melt like plastic and curlled into a plastic- like its syntetics fur. But if they singe and smell like burning hair, its real fur.
  • Cheap price isnt anymore a guaranty for faux fur (fake fur / syntetic fur).

I dont want to be judgemental and hypocrite person cursing every single person that has different perspective as mine are bad, in the other side im still eating meet and buying pack food. At the end its a personal decision to wear real or fake. Maybe just being more concern. There will be never ending conflict about what is good or bad. Let me hear your thought about this mater in the comments bellow. Share it to us.

To be honest, this is one of the most intense blog writing i have ever done. There was a moment when i cried…yes i was crying not even a joke, during do some research about real-fur illegal trading. Broke my heart into pieces, i cant even describe. I hope there is something good we can take from this article and be a better concern person in the future.

Wish you have a blast day, my fashion army!


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