Request your own “OOTD” that you are willing to see on my Instagram post! #aiyaootdchallenge

Casual Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams title
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March 15, 2018
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AiyaOOTDchallenge Street Style fashion blog Aiya Adams title
Aiya OOTD Challenge #AiyaOOTDchallenge fashion Blog

Lovelies, Spring is finally here! I could feel my creativity is getting back after a long hibernation in winter. LOL. By the way, I have received many questions on Instagram about fashion. From tips & tricks about fashion, how to steal a celebrity style until colour combination. So, I thought why not making it more interesting and add some fun than just writing. So, I created a game called “Aiya OOTD Challenge #aiyaootdchallenge”. Principe of the game is to send me your OOTD request via Email, Instagram DM, WhatsApp, etc. and I try to slay your wishes.

If you’ve got any wishes how to mix and match your outfit, get confused about colour combination OR even if you wish any celebrity style for your daily wear, this is your CHANCE.

The best at the end. GUESS WHAT…When your request being uploaded on my OOTD’s post, you’ll be tagged as well on its caption and your Instagram’s profile will be also posted on my Instastory so other people on my Instagram will get inspired too by your brilliant fashion idea 🤗

How to participate the #aiyaootdchallenge? EASY BITSY!!

  • You guys just freely request via Instagram DM, Email, WhatsApp, etc. what or which OOTD you wish to see. I will check EACH request that sent to me.
  • Tag and mention @aiyaadams and use #aiyaootdchallenge on your latest post on Instagram
  • Spread out this fun game to your friends would be very appreciated 😘

So, what are you waiting for?! Speak out your fashion wish and let’s get some fun 🤗🤗

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