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Finally!! After a long waiting, my fashion blog is finally released. OMG… I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. So excited to write but don’t know yet where to start. LOL. They said better start it about yourself, so…. Here we go!

Simply call me “Aiya”, you know, like in a Kungfu movie’s favourite expression “Aiyaaaaaaa….!” Or you can also relate it to this tiny creepy primate from Madagascar “Aye-Aye”. Hey… that’s kinda described me in general though, except the fact that they come from Madagascar and im originally from Indonesia. OK, back to the “Name”. My real name is Wa Ode Farrah Galela – Adams. Born in November, 11th 1986, YASS I’m a Scorpio. I spent my childhood in Jakarta with other 10 million-ish citizens, my whole 20’s living in Brunei Darussalam and now currently live in Germany with a lovely handsome husband (plus he is a guy behind the camera ;D) and my 3 naughty cats Geto, Bumble and Neo.

Beside blogging, I remotely working as a Fashion Head Designer and Creative Director in one of Indonesian clothing line company. This is the reason I travel back and forth every 3 months to Jakarta. I never thought I would’ve worked in Fashion Industry. When I was a teenager I always wanted to be an Archaeologist (guess I’ve been watching The Mummy and Da Vinci Code movie too much). Back in 2004, 17 years old me was graduated from a fashion school in Jakarta and that’s the exact time when my parent had a financial crisis and my dad couldn’t afford me to continue study in my dream fashion school. So I decided to find a job and work instead. Flash back when I started working as a helper putting on beautiful models clothes at the backstage, ironing designers clothes, packing their customers pretty dresses, beading, etc. Quite tiring but I was happy earning little own money :D. However, those moments taught me a lot of things, feeding me with knowledge about inside and outside’s fashion industry. My career started to build and climbed up during those years. Till in 2011 I finally reached this moment where I could see my collections in runaways. Thank god for the opportunity that given to me until where I am now, and I must keep growing.

Blogging is one of a thing I like to do besides my work. I also love Fashion Photography, Painting, dancing, climbing and…..SHOOOPPIIINGGG :P. Would be happy if I could share to all of you some fashion tips and tricks or help if you needed a Virtual Fashion Advisor. Any one of you can contact me anytime privately on my Instagram Aiyaadams or email at info@aiyaadams.com (is it FREE? For sure it is. By subscribing and following me on Instagram it would be greatly appreciated :*).

Now i would love to know more about my readers, What’s your name? Where’re you from? What’s your wish and favourite fashion style? Feel free to write it in comment box bellow 😉

Remember my dear Fashion Lovers, Fashion is something that has to come from inside you, your Self-Confidence, not from a perfect runaway. Be Confident, Be Positive and Be An Inspiration.

Love you all TREMENDOUSLY.

Aiya Adams


  1. Dinar Laksana Budhy says:

    Hi Aiyyaa, happy to see your blog ( finally! ).
    I am actually accidentally found ur IG from my online #hastag, looking at all ur fhotos and fashion chosen is beautiful. First maybe because u’re so skinny second ur face is so exotic. I am a happy mom of three daughter’s! My first daughter is 10 years old, second one is 2 years and 5 months and my third one is 1 year and 2 months. I just resign from the hospitality industry, its just 2 months ago and I am a hotelier. Next month I will start to work again at one of the international Hotel chain. I have an onlieshop which selling all the women stuff. Appreciate if you can take a look and follow or just like on our post. Fashion or looking all the people preety and beautiful with all of their fit is such a happy moment for me. And my end carrier or goals is having my own outlet or boutique which also make me easier to arrange the schedule or time with my lovely husband and three beautiful angels. Ollraaiittzz Aiiyaa, wishing u all success and the best forbur entire of life. And greetings to ur husband and cats 💋💋💋
    BTW my IG is candi_collection

    • Admin says:

      Hallo Dinar! Makasih banget udah mampir ke ig dan websiteku. Wow Having 3 angels? How lucky😍. Kebayang ya sibuknya. Rencananya bulan depan lanjut dimana? Kali aja gue sama suami bisa mampir skalian say Hi 🤗. Actually i just came across your insta, those are interesting product. I really wish you the best and luck for your carrier. Pokoknya walau capek dijalanin aja, biasanya best thing come last. My husband is sitting next to me while im reading your message, and he says “Best luck” for you too. Kapan2 kl main ke Germany, kabar2in ya. 😘😘. Say Hi to your 3 little angels from me 😘

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